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The Full Story

My name is Antony Harvey, I was born in Small Heath, Birmingham United Kingdom. My first interaction with wood was at school at the age of 14, where I took part in the wood working class. After enjoying the class so much I knew straight away that this was a trade I wanted to pursue and be apart of.

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I started wood turning after watching numerous youtube videos. I bought my first lathe and converted my garage into my workshop and the rest is history. What started as a hobby has now become a family business. Wood turning for me is my escapism, I often find myself switching off from the outside world and getting lost in the making process. And now its an honor to be able to share that pleasure to others with the individuality of each piece. Every item was crafted using only the best materials and products whilst sourcing out local timber when available.

My eldest Son Alex (Aged 30)  has also taken a keen interest in wood turning due to his creativity and artistic skills. After seeing some of the items I had made Alex wanted to watch and listen whilst I was in the workshop. Now I'm teaching him everything I have learnt over the years whilst allowing him to be creative using his own ideas and style. Alex has been learning at a fast pace and is really enjoying it. Tony's Wood Turning will be a site that showcases both my own work along with some of Alex's pieces.

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